Our Story

The Wedding

The ceremony and reception

will be taking place at the beautiful Omar Building in Omaha. The ceremony begins at 6:00 p.m. and the reception kicks off at 6:45.

The Party

Megan Pfannenstiel

Maid of Honor

Megan is Tessa’s littlest sister, but is the one with the biggest heart. She’s basically a Disney princess and can’t help but see the best in people.

Garett Bowmaster

Best Man

Garrett has been Matt's buddy since the dawn of high school, where they became friends through sports and rebel-rousing.

Karly Pfannenstiel

Maid of Honor

Karly is Tessa’s little sister, even though she acts like she’s Matt’s. She’s only 20 months younger than Tessa and is one of her best friends.

Paul Hanson


Tall Paul is tall. And if height is any measure of how good a friend is, then clearly he’s a good one.

Jenna Seals


Jenna is Tessa’s step-sister, although it looks like they could be real sisters. Tessa thinks it's pretty fun being the young sister for a change.

Josh Aldridge


The once big man, Big J, may be solid now–but he will always be a big softy, even though he hits like a tank.

Brooke Anderson


Brooke and Tessa have known each other since they were 4. They grew up going to Church together and became great friends bonding over curly hair.

Kevin Hagemann


Kevin is one of the best dudes you will ever meet. And the goofiest. Seriously... he is Jim Carrey. Well, as close as one can be.


We will miss you on the 27th!

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For group rate, please call 800.321.2211 and reference the Pfannenstiel Anderson Wedding at the Courtyard by Marriot Omaha Downtown/Old Market

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